The Chakra 101

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Since yoga, meditation and mindfulness have become super popular in recent years, we are noticing that other ancient practices are becoming more normalised and accepted. One of these practices is the philosophy of our body's Chakras, which are believed by some Indian religions to play a part in the non-physical body, or our energetic body.

There's a lot of intrigue around this practice with lots of people having heard of it, but very few actually knowing what it actually is, which is why we wanted to get the low down! We ask Erin Docherty, Yoga and Meditation Teacher, to give us the 101 on what Chakras are all about and how we can use them to enhance our experiences and reduce negativity in our lives.

"A Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning 'wheel' or 'disc' - and there are 7 main Chakras in the body contributing to our energetic body. Invisible to the eye, these Chakras live along the spine and have a relationship to colour, our organs and glands, and are directly impacted when we 'consume' negative experiences. Like the consumption of thoughts, conversations or arguments, bad habits or negative feelings. When they're constantly receiving and processing this kind of information, our Chakras can get a little dull or 'stressed'.

Many Doctors, Scientists and Practitioners believe that illness or disease in the body starts with a misalignment in our spiritual and energetic body (which includes these Chakras). When it is not attended to or healed at this stage, the misalignment will manifest itself into the mental body and eventually, the physical.

Types of Chakras and their Mantras

RED: Base or Root Chakra (at the tip of the tailbone)
"I am grounded", relates to a sense of belonging, where you come from and material belongings. Red also relates to energy and passion.

ORANGE: Sacral Chakra (at the pelvic bowl)
"I am open to the pleasures in life", relates to bliss, sensuality and new ideas. Orange also heals the timeline or trauma of our body.

YELLOW: Solar Plexus Chakra (above the navel)
"I am worth my weight in Gold", relates to your self-worth, knowing who you are and what you have to offer. Yellow also relates to knowledge or learning something new.

GREEN: Heart Chakra (you guessed it, at the chest)
"I love myself", relates to forgiveness and unconditional love for ourselves and others. Green also relates to finding space and trusting our direction and choices.

BLUE: Throat Chakra (you guessed again, at the throat space)
"I express myself freely", relates to how we communicate, and how we express ourselves. Blue is the colour of peace.

ROYAL BLUE: Third Eye Chakra (between the eyebrows)
"I find clarity in my vision", relates to seeing with your inner eye (intuition). Royal Blue may hold gifts of being a clairvoyant, or being an analytical, thinking person who finds it difficult to 'switch off'.

VIOLET: Crown Chakra (at the top of your head)
"I am connected" or "I am One" relates to spirituality. Violet can relate to transformation.

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So how do we keep our Chakras in check!? We want our Chakras as bright and shiny as possible and there are a few things we can introduce into our day.

  • Use more positive language in your vocabulary. Use the above positive affirmations on a daily basis, focus on the one or two you think you need the most. Try to also turn your negative talk into positive, for example instead of "don't let me forget" instead use "I must remember".
  • Attend a Chakra Meditation where you will be guided through a visualisation technique to cleanse each Chakra. Leaving you feeling more balanced and revitalised.
  • Get moving. Yoga is a great way to open up the spaces in the body that stimulate the organs and glands that directly impact the Chakras.
  • Learn to Let Go. Tension in the body is a physical sign of holding on. Learn to detach yourself from other people's experiences as we cannot control others and others cannot control how we feel. Own your own emotions and feelings to make a more positive choice in how you will respond (if at all).

Next time you think of visiting your GP or Practitioner you might take more notice of where you are feeling ill. Tonsillitis (Throat). Chest infection (Heart). Knee injury (Base). Burst blood vessel in the eye (Third Eye). Something to think about."

If you'd like to find out more about Chakras or attend a Chakra Cleanse Meditation class, visit Erin's website or Instagram.