20 Tips For Conscious Living & Being Happier

Conscious Living Tips

The definition of ‘conscious' is to be aware and responding to one's surroundings. To me, being conscious of our own lives, or conscious living has some amazing benefits.

When you notice the things around you and respond accordingly, you begin to live in alignment with your values. You can go to sleep at night feeling happy and fulfilled because you love the decisions you make and the way that you act. Living consciously means loving who you truly are and honoring that person.

However, this was not always the case for me. In the past, I would party away my emotions rather than acknowledge them. I didn't stand up for myself or others, I didn't care about the planet or my possessions, and I sadly didn't give a second thought to my health. After hitting many rock bottoms, I finally took my life into my own hands and began to become more aware of my surroundings.

Here are 20 ways I began to live more consciously, making me healthier, happier and more at peace.

1. Give Up The Booze
Partying until dawn was an awesome way to hide that I was broke, depressed and unhealthy. It wasn't until I gave up alcohol that I could feel and work through my emotions. While the process brought up a lot of uncomfortable feelings, I am so proud that I can now acknowledge my feelings and make my way through them.

2. Start a Journaling Practice
Reflecting in a journal can be a great way to live consciously. You get to acknowledge what went right in your day, what went wrong in your day, what you are grateful for and what you would like to improve. Journaling in the morning is also a great way to get out the mind junk before you start your day.

3. Be Conscious of Waste
After experiencing how calming the ocean can be, or how grounding the forest can be, I understand how important protecting our Mamma Earth is for our health. Small changes in the household like buying tree-free toilet paper and biodegradable bin bags can make a positive impact on our environment, as well as leave you feeling like you are doing your small part.

4. Watch What You Add to Your Life
Do you really have to accept that invitation? Do you really need to buy another book when you are already reading two? Every time you are about to add something into your life, pause and ask yourself if you really need it.

5. Be Aware of Your Time
Your time is the most precious thing you have. For some reason, been busy is trendy these days. The truth is, you don't have to do anything with your time to be a worthy and deserving human.

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6. Discover What Lights You Up
I am a Health Coach and researching new healing modalities is important to me. But I am also a full-blown movie nerd. Reviewing movies and watching the Oscars makes me light up, so I aim to spend time each week doing something movie related.

7. Stop Self-Sabotage and Guilt
Have you ever heard of the upper-limit problem? When we begin to do things, we love, or become successful we do something to self-sabotage like getting sick, or passing on an opportunity. In the past, I didn't enjoy movies as much as I could have because I beat myself up over enjoying myself. I told myself that I needed to be doing something more productive. Now I am conscious when these feeling come up, laugh them away and reach for another handful of popcorn.

8. Be Aware of Your Energy
We have all walked into a room and could sense that people were just fighting. Do a favor to yourself and those around you by lifting your energy with your favorite music, drinking plenty of water and having random dance breaks where you can.

9. Notice Your Words
Have you ever noticed that you constantly tell people that you are busy? Or lazy? Or that you are getting old? Well guess what, the more you affirm something, the more it will be true.

10. Reflect on Your Thoughts
We are not our thoughts, but we do attract what we think often. It can take some retraining to change our thoughts for self-deprecating and sarcastic to self-love and pride, but give it a go. Each morning, look in the mirror and say "I am proud of you."

11. Be Responsible With Your Money
We are bombarded with advertisements every day that wants us to buy something. Aside from the essentials, the truth is you do not need anything. Since you are swapping your precious time for money, spend it wisely.

12. Know What You Own
Your possessions require money, organizing, cleaning, and maintenance. The less you own, the more time you'll have to do the fun things.

13. Be Aware of Where You Shop
Sadly, a lot of store items are made in factories that have less than ideal working conditions. Do some research and find out what companies sell ethically made clothing, or check our Etsy for amazing home-made goodies.

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14. Respect Animals
It is important to know that the amount of animal products we currently consume is not sustainable. A great way to make a small difference is by practicing meat free Monday.

15. Understand Your Values
One of my values is honesty. A lot of the time I wouldn't speak up because I was afraid. Now I am not afraid to have the uncomfortable conversations because I know how satisfying it is to live in alignment with my values.

16. Stick Up For Yourself
It would be amazing if we only came across people who are lovely and kind, however, this is not the case. Be brave and walk away from people and situations that are rude, bullying or draining.

17. Trust Your Intuition
Often I have walked away from people or situations only to second guess myself afterward. Your intuition or gut feeling is there to guide you, trust it and own your decisions.

18. Create a Healthy Coping Toolbox
Before I lived a conscious life, I refused to believe that I ever needed help. I now regularly see a Psychologist and Health Coach because I know how stressful modern day living can be, and I am aware that if I don't have support, I make pick up old vices like alcohol.

19. Look at Your Relationships
I think we have all had those friends who are not really our friends. The ones that are too demanding, make us feel guilty when things don't go their way, are manipulative or jealous. Make steps to only having relationships in your life that bring you joy.

20. Believe in Yourself
I know making a change can be overwhelming, but believing that you can is the first step. Small steps add up over time and if I can make changes, anyone can.

If like me you want to experience a new and more honest way of living, a way that has your eyes open to the world around you and inside of you, I encourage you to try any of these 20 ways to live more consciously.

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