100 Days Of Guided Meditation

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It took me a couple of years to actually enjoy guided meditation, and it’s only been in the last few months that it’s actually sticked. And when I say sticked, I mean, I’ve completed 100 Days of Meditation in a row.

Here’s what I’ve learnt along the way and my favourite meditations to keep me motivated on this journey.

I did a meditation course a couple of years ago, which was great at teaching me what mediatitation was all about and how the most important part is to practice it regularly. But still, after that 4 week course I didn’t LOVE it (meaning, I gave up!)

As someone who loves yoga and makes the effort to move my body in some way every day, I thought meditation would just be something I naturally would be good at.

But here’s the thing is, meditation isn’t something you need to be good at. In fact, I’d argue it’s something no one is good at.

The thing about meditation is, it’s deeply personal. Some people meditate to set themselves up in a positive mind frame for the day. Some people meditate to relieve stress at work. And some people meditate to help them sleep at night.

There’s no right time for everyone. Just like there’s no right type of meditation or length of meditation for everyone.

I’ve chosen to share what works for me because it might inspire you to try out meditating to see what works for you.

When Do I Meditate?

I meditate every morning for around 10-15 minutes as soon as I wake up. I literally, grab out my Bose headphones, sit up in bed while my hubby is still asleep, and choose a guided meditation.

What App Do I Use?

I use an app called Insight Timer which is totally free and has probably 1000s and 1000s of meditations with teachers all over the world. There’s everything from 2 minute quite meditations to hour long relaxation meditations as well as the option to just listen to music to a timer.

I have a bunch of meditations saved in my bookmarks section because it can get really overwhelming. I’ve gotten lost in the rabbit hole of browsing a couple of times only to find myself wasting 10-15 minutes, which often means I end up running late for my day!

What Are My Favourite Meditations?

Because I meditate in the morning, my favourite meditations are around the themes of abundance, manifestation, positivity, intention setting and gratitude. I like something uplifting that gets my head in the game and sets me up for a great day ahead.

Here are my 10 favourites I keep coming back to:
Manifestation Meditation with Melissa Ambrosini (10 mins)
Morning Meditation with Music with Jonathan Lehmann (10 mins)
Morning Meditation with Ashley Dunlop (8 mins)
Gratitude Meditation with Dani March (10 mins)
Quick Compassion with Meg James (13 mins)
Morning Meditation for Energy and Clarity with Manoj Dias (15 mins)
Powerful Abundance Meditation with Sah D’Simone (14 mins)
Slowing Down with Maddison Vernon (14 mins)
Body Scan: Finding Deep Stillness with Dawn Mauricio (8 mins)
Melting Stress, Fear and Anxiety with Jason McGrice (13 mins)

How Meditating Makes Me Feel?

Sometimes my mind is all over the place and I can’t concentrate or focus for the full duration of the meditation. Other times, my mind is totally blank and I go into an almost dazed state of consciousness where I almost have to wake myself up when it ends.

Some days I feel like it was a big waste of time and other days I feel grounded, relaxed and happy. I’ve often had some great (but random!) business ideas pop into my head during a meditation and other times I can’t help but get sucked into the noise in my head.

What’s The Importance of Consistency?

Because we all lead such crazy busy lives, if you fail to make time to meditate, you won’t. Even though it’s just 10 minutes out of your day, you’ll put it off and then end up forgetting about it.

Morning’s work best for me because I have factored in the time to do it. Occasionally I won’t meditate in the morning and will either do it before bed or during the day, and while I love these meditations too, I don’t think I could meditate at these times with the same consistency. Using an app is great because it tracks how many days in a row you’ve done it, and if you’re like me, you don’t want to break the streak you’ve worked so hard to achieve!

I’d love to hear from you! Have you tried meditating? Are you going to check out these mediations I’ve suggested? Or is meditation still something you don’t think is worth trying?