Holistic Health with Tanya from Heal'r

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Tanya Lee has had one wild ride. During her journey of overcoming ailments such as autoimmune conditions, digestive disorders, Mercury poisoning, chronic fatigue, precancerous cells and more, she discovered a deep passion to share Heal'r holistic health mission and the benefits of physical, nutritional, emotional and organ health.

Heal'r is the product of 18 years of clinical training and experience, fueled by the desire of Tanya’s clients and colleagues to educate, encourage and assist others in all things that heal.

How has Heal'r changed your life?
As we have grown, people really want to know who we are, what we have gone through. Relationships are a key element of healing and we love meeting people who have been inspired through Heal’r to connect with themselves and find the missing pieces of their health puzzle.

With this growth, Heal'r has propelled me into a leadership role, becoming the face of the business and educating and connecting the community to health on a larger scale. I still love to teach (pilates) and pop up at Happy Melon and Barre Body for a sneaky class from time to time, along with a seeing handful of private clients for Kinesiology, Naturopathy, Clinical Nutrition and Western Herbal Medicine.

What are the four main elements of health?
At Heal’r we’ve identified four essential and complimentary areas of health: Nutritional, Emotional, Physical and Optimal Organ. I've seen amazing change and results with clients who dig deep to delve into each of these elements. With a holistic focus on all four, we can release a lot of chronic health problems and also spot the patterns that hinder health, like inflammation and broken relationships to self and others.

How can exercise and going to classes improve your inner/outer health?
Class environments can be encouraging, motivating and supportive. Classes can motivate ourselves past our beliefs of self. I try and make them slightly silly and fun as well as challenging. A little laughter is good for your core! And a few sneaky sets of glute work is great for your overall alignment.

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What do you believe are the three major inner health secrets that that improve your overall wellbeing and give you that 'just been to Bali' glow?

  1. Sleep and Rest! Human growth hormones are released at night, if we are not resting during this time, healing is harder. Too much exercise or not enough rest causes inflammation. We want inner glow, not glow from inflammation!
  2. Sounds biased, I know, but so many people tell us how our product Root'd by Heal'r has changed their life. It's an organic naturopathic grade Turmeric and Dandelion Root spice blend that really ignites the healing within. Dandelion Root is a digestive and assists with Liver health, organic Turmeric is activated so the curcumin and organic coconut nectar assist with absorption while containing minerals. And it's delicious, like a hug in a mug.
  3. Mindfulness. We subconsciously hold such tension and emotions towards others, events and situations. I've found through mindfulness, if we can be compassionate, let go, and see things from a new perspective, we can eliminate so many health problems. Improving our relationships (both with ourselves and with others) plays a huge role in health and helps to maximise our happiness and overall well-being. In turn creating a natural inner glow that shines outwards.

Who inspires you?
My clients inspire me. Their honesty and ability to keep going in their personal journeys. My partner also inspires me with his resilience, kindness and humour (he thinks he's funny). He is the first to support people with friendship and compassion even when he is battling his own hurdles.

Hang out with Tanya and learn how to glow from the inside out, this Thursday (29 September) at our Winter Wellness event - reserve your spot here.

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