25 Tips For Healthy Traveling

Healthy Travel Tips

Who doesn't love a holiday? It's always so exciting traveling to a new destination but it can be quite taxing on your body. Once you get through the flight itself, you're then bombarded by jet lag, unhealthy food and a lack of motivation to exercise. It's no wonder our "traveling self" is never our healthiest, leaving us needing to detox when returning home!

We share our top 25 tips for how to travel healthy and survive a long haul flight, beat jet lag, eat healthy and maintain your fitness. You can thank us later!

Trvel Essentials for a Long Haul Flight

1. Saline Spray
When you travel, your nose drys out which can inhibit your ability to filter viruses and bacteria. A nasal spray will help to keep the passages functioning properly throughout your flight and hopefully avoid the onset of a cold.

2. Empty Drink Bottle
If you're traveling internationally, take an empty water bottle in your carry on and fill it up at a water fountain once you've passed security. Those little cups of water you get throughout your flight are just not enough for your body, especially when you're stuck in the humid environment of a plane for long periods of time.

3. Cocoa Butter Stick
When traveling you want to carry products that can be used for multiple purposes. A cocoa butter stick can act as your moisturiser, lip balm and hand cream to help combat dry skin during the flight.

4. Earplugs
If you haven't used earplugs before, seriously, give them a go! Just make sure you insert them far enough into the ear canal to block the noise. Try twisting the end to make a pointed tip and then lift the top of the ear to open up the canal as you insert the earplug.

5. Large Scarf
Another multi-purpose gem! A large scarf can be used to wrap your body like a blanket, scrunched up as a pillow or even draped over your head instead of an eye mask.

6. Tooth Brush
Sure gum or mints are great to give you quick fresh breath feel, but there's something about giving your teeth a proper brush before arriving at your destination that'll make you feel instantly fresher.

7. Bring Snacks
You can bring what ever snacks you like onto the plane (excluding liquids), however you'll just have to eat them before arriving at your destination. Think about items that are going to be easy to eat and don't spoil like homemade oat bars, nuts, fruit, popcorn or protein balls.

8. Lavender Oil
One of the most soothing scents, lavender oil on your pulse points will instantly make you feel calm. Whether you're a nervous traveler or stressed about the whole experience, this simple technique will help to bring you back to reality.

9. Antibacterial Gel
Germs are everywhere, but when you travel and your body is already a bit run down, you're likely to be more susceptible to getting sick. Using an antibacterial gel before eating and drinking (or whenever you remember) can help to eliminate some of those potential nasties from taking hold.

10. Mindfulness Exercises
Whether you meditate regularly or not, spending 10-15 minutes at the beginning and end of your flight can really help you unwind and relax. For some people, this has reduced their effects of jetlag, but if nothing else it brings you into the moment and allows you to reflect.

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Beat Jet Lag Tips

11. Melotonin Supplement
Melotonin is a natural hormone that is sold as a supplement that can be bought over the counter at your local pharmacy. It helps to regulate the body's sleep-wake cycle which can be thrown out by time differences you might be experiencing when traveling. It's recommended that you take melatonin after it's dark on the day tat you travel and for a few days thereafter. Like any supplements, they can mess with other medications you might be taking so it's best to consult a doctor before trying it.

12. Try to Sleep on The Plane
Now we know this can be super difficult for most people as you'll be cooped up in a tiny seat that doesn't easily promote a restful sleep (unless you're lucky enough to fly business or first class!) A great sleep enhancer is lavender oil (as mentioned above), which not only calms you down, it can act as a mild sedative. Pop a few drops on your hotel pillow on your first night and the aroma will immediately put you into a state of relaxation.

13. Get Outside
You're always going to feel sleepy on the day of your arrival, but you'll find getting out in the sunshine and fresh air will help boost your energy levels and will make recovering from jet lag that much easier.

14. Get Ahead of Schedule
Adjusting to the time zone you're traveling to before leaving home can help you beat the symptoms of jet lag. Obviously if there is a 12 hour time difference this is going to be difficult to adjust to prior to travel, however if you're traveling East, try to go to bed an hour earlier than your usual bed time. If you're traveling West, try to go to bed an hour later than you usually would. You also might find it beneficial to shift your meal times according to this change in sleep.

15. Avoid Alcohol
As you know, alcohol is dehydrating, especially after a long flight. Make sure you drink lots of water the day you arrive and avoid other dehydrating drinks like coffee. You'll thank us for it the next morning!

Eat Healthy While Traveling Tips

16. Do Your Research
Find out where the closest grocery stores and healthy cafes are near your hotel and hit them up as soon as you arrive. Stock up on fresh fruit, nuts and yogurt which are all really easy to eat on the move, making them all the more appealing when you're out exploring!

17. Take Some Protein Powder
When you're traveling it's often hard (and expensive) to get good quality protein, so a supplement is a great way to ensure your body is getting enough. It's also a great snack on the move or in between meals to stop you reaching for a chocolate bar or a packet of chips.

18. Mindful Eating
The most important thing to remember is, you're on holiday, so don't feel like you have to "diet" or restrict yourself. It's more about being mindful of what you're eating and balancing it out throughout the day. If you choose to eat a massive burger, chips and shake for lunch, great! Just try to opt for a grilled chicken salad for dinner. One great way to do this is "plan" one meal a day. Whether that's fruit and yogurt for breakfast in your hotel room, or a pre-bought salad and nuts for lunch that you can take with you. This will ensure you're getting at least one nutrition dense meal.

19. Smart Restaurant Choices
Let's face it, you're going to be eating out most of the time. Try to choose items like meat/fish with vegetables or salads with protein and avoid processed carbs that are high in sugar like burger buns or white bread. Ask for dressings on the side, that way you can add as much as you need/want. Also, it's worth checking the menu before sitting down at a restaurant to make sure there's something that suits what you're looking for.

20. Pack Snacks
If you really can't be bothered with preparing breakfasts or lunches on the go, make sure you do pack some healthy snacks! Bananas and apples are the easiest fruits to pop in a bag and will give you a sugar hit when you start to crash mid afternoon. Other awesome snacks include nuts, dried fruit, almond/peanut butter (by the spoonful), protein bars and veggie sticks which you can buy pre cut from most supermarkets.

Stay Fit While Traveling Tips

21. Wake Up Early
Waking up early on holidays?! You probably think we're crazy! Well, actually waking up early (even if it's 30 minutes) can impact your mood and help to ensure your eating choices are better for the day. Plus if you do your exercise early, it's done, and you don't have to think about it again!

22. Make Do With What You've Got
If you're not lucky enough to have booked a hotel with a gym, you might think doing a workout is pretty impossible. Why not try just doing a resistance based workout with your own body weight and an elastic band? Seriously, just Google "body weight workout" and you're sure to find a billion options that'll suit your fitness level.

23. Try A New Fitness Class
There are so many great fitness classes all over the world, so why not make finding one part of your itinerary. You'll not only get the chance to stretch, strengthen and sweat, but you'll be able to meet new people, check out a new studio and feel like a local.

24. Walk Everywhere
Make sure you pack a comfy pair of trainers and hit the pavement rather than catching cabs, buses and trains. You'll find most cities are fairly walker friendly which will mean you're exercising without actually realising you are. Plus, you might find some hidden gems along the way that you otherwise might have just whizzed past.

25. Be Realistic
Again, you're on holidays, so don't feel like you have to train while you're traveling. Aim to do something high intensity a couple of times a week for less than an hour, a goal that's pretty achievable. Check out our other fitness travel tips.

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