Let's Talk Happiness

happiness Image by @213apparel

The other day I was having a conversation with some girlfriends about what makes them happy. It was a dialogue, a communication, and an insight.

adjective: happy; comparative adjective: happier; superlative adjective: happiest; suffix: -happy

  1. feeling or showing pleasure or contentment.
  2. fortunate and convenient.

Although we have a technical ‘definition’ of happy and happiness, the honest truth is that there is no one definition, and in all honesty, happy is your happy. There is plenty of evidence and research out there that alludes and gives ‘rules’ as to how to define, create and build your happiness – with whatever self-improvements you make, certain positive results can become an outcome. Book after book, research paper after paper, there is end-to-end options to build the ‘art of happiness’ for yourself. Some suggestions I came across included:

  • Join a group
  • Do meditation for 10 minutes a day
  • Be happy, not right
  • Practice gratitude
  • Act happy

But let’s talk happiness for one second…

My daughter started school the other week, flew into the school grounds, bustling with energy, and comes home with a gleaming smile on her face. My son attended his first gym class, listened, cooperated, participated and waved with pride to us in the stands as he is about to jump into the foam pit. My children have the opportunity to learn every day. I have the opportunity to make choices every day. I have freedom to be myself, and do what gives me pleasure. My kids are smiling, my family is smiling, and I am smiling.

I often find that the more and more you read about happiness, the more one can feel confused, overwhelmed, and in some cases, disappointed. So this is my pledge to you:

Happiness is joy. Happiness is surrounding yourself with love, excitement and noticing the nuances in life around you. Happiness is pleasure. Happiness is the belly-ache from laughing so hard.

So, ask yourself, what gives you pleasure? What gives you joy? What gives you that ‘belly-ache’ laugh?