Meet Rosie: triathlete, yoga studio owner and Mum

Rosie McCaughey from Rise Yoga Image by @la.vie.en.rosie

The way you feel mid pose. The way you feel as you exhale and exhaust the stagnant breath you’re withholding. It’s the way you feel afterward. It’s the way you feel at one with your body. And it’s the way you feel when you can reach your toes.

Yoga can be really beneficial for your body. It can improve flexibility, build muscle strength, drain your lymphs and boost your immunity, regulate your adrenal glands, make you happier, improve your balance and increase your self-esteem.

If I start my day by getting down on the mat, everything seems to be lighter that day, or the sun seems to come out. If I finish my day with a nice flow, I sleep better and I feel calmer.

We sat down with Rosie who owns Rise Yoga in Richmond and asked what was her inspiration and why yoga is an important part of her life.

What made you fall in love with Yoga?
I started yoga as a way to stretch out my body during an arduous training period of my life when I was really seriously into triathlon. I wanted to try to iron out the kinks and help my body recover. But I soon realised that there is so much more to the practice than stretching and strengthening and it was the connection to breath, body and possibility that I could start to view my self in a different way. To work with myself rather than fight and battle, which is what I was doing in competitive sport, and to be honest, in most areas of my life!

What made you want to start a yoga studio?
I loved teaching and going to yoga classes all around Melbourne, but I felt that what was often missing was the connection between studio and student. The community aspect is so important to me. I wanted to create a place where everyone feels comfortable, loved, like a warm hug when you walk into the studio and this is what we have created with Rise

Rosie McCaughey from Rise Yoga Image by @la.vie.en.rosie

How do you feel when you see students attend your classes?
I get butterflies every time I teach! I want to give students the opportunity to completely immerse themselves in the moment, to hold space for them, and to challenge them physically and mentally. This is an art form I am always working on, but I feel such immense love and respect for all of our students and community

What do you each student gets out of yoga?
A greater sense of self, of their worth, capabilities and the possibility that is available through commitment and letting go of limitations.

What do you feel when you do yoga?
I feel fuller somehow, like my heart grows a bit with more love, and I also feel more in tune with my energy levels, signals from my physical body, and generally like there is a bit more space and time. Things seem less hectic.

Rosie McCaughey from Rise Yoga Image by @la.vie.en.rosie

What’s your favourite pose and why?
Downward dog. It’s just simple and plain, and reminds me to connect to breath, to my hands and feet, and to the centre of my strength.

What’s the best thing that’s happened since opening a yoga studio?
Connecting with the most amazing group of people. The staff I have that work with me behind the scenes as well as front of house. I feel such gratitude to be surrounded by inspiring people every day. Also the connections and friendships I have made in the wellness industry and just to be constantly inspired by what’s going on in the wellness space in Melbourne!

What’s your dream for Rise Yoga?
My big dream has always been to turn Rise into a multi-faceted wellness space, with all of my passions and skills combined to include yoga, pilates, physio, massage, strength and conditioning, naturopathy and an organic cafe. Just need to win Tattslotto.

Rise Yoga
Level 1, 232 Bridge Road, Richmond

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