The Wellness Business: Founders Using Their Start-Ups To Improve Wellbeing

The Wellness Business

Wellness is the buzz word of the last decade with businesses popping up all over the place promoting their products as the antidote to "wellness". While some of these products are products and services we definitely should be incorporating into a healthy lifestyle (like learning how to meditate and adding green smoothies to your diet) others we should be taking on board with a grain of himalayan rock salt (like detox teas that make you poop yourself and vitamin infusions that quite literally add vitamins to your blood via a drip).

So with all these fads in the wellness scene, it makes the definition of wellness a bit cloudy. Technically it means "the state of being in good health." But really, wellness if far more holistic than that.

It's the balance of physical, mental and social health that ultimately improves your quality of life and what this looks like, could be different for everyone. One person's wellness might be going to yoga every day and eating a plant based diet while someone else's might be catching up with friends for a long walk and brunch.

There is no correct way to live in wellness, however it must include these five elements in some way.

The Wellness Business - Fundamentals

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While workplace wellness programs are becoming all the rage, these start-up founders are taking things into their own hands by developing businesses that fulfill their wellbeing needs. While starting a business can be challenging and stressful, it's the feeling of fulfillment, connection and becoming more self-aware that has given these founders the drive and motivation to create some pretty epic stuff of their own!

QUESTION: How Has Starting A Business Been Good For Your Wellbeing?

The Wellness Business - Sally O'Neil Image by @thefitfoodieblog

Sally O'Neil
The Fit Foodie

When working on your own business, it’s so easy to feel disconnected from society - in your own bubble. I’ve found connecting with people over business has brought me some of the closest friendships I’ve ever had - people just get what you’re going through on a daily basis. It’s the best!

The Wellness Business - Peter Kotaridis Image by @peterkota

Peter Kotaridis

The biggest thing you learn when starting a business is the importance of time, and not only how little of it you have, but how important it is that you use the time you do have efficiently. To do this, you need to make sure you are performing at an optimal level, so making sure you get enough sleep, eat well, meditate, exercise regularly, and giving yourself time to switch off, are all factors that have been highlighted as a result of starting a business and dealing with the stress that comes with it.

The Wellness Business - Dustin and Nova Brown Image by @warrioroneyoga

Nova & Dustin Brown
Warrior One Yoga

For us [starting a business] is all about connection and community. There’s nothing more satisfying then seeing the blissed out faces of our yogis after class and then hearing their stories and the positive impact that yoga is making on their lives, both on and off the mat.

The Wellness Business - Christy Laurence Image by @plannthat

Christy Laurence

Even though I work some mildly insane hours, I still feel incredibly fulfilled and can't wait to get up and start doing it all over again! Running my own business means I get to choose what I work on and what I think is important, so for my personality type it helps fuel my purpose and fills me with drive and happiness every morning. Since leaving my corporate role, I've felt a huge shift in my personality and internal wellbeing doing work that's best suited to how I work best. I've learned that I'm super creative first thing in the morning, go through a lull in the afternoons where I listen to my body and take rest when I need it, and then become very analytical and process driven in the evenings when focusing on the development side of the business.

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The Wellness Business - Manoj Dias Image by @najigram_

Manoj Dias

[Starting a business has] allowed me to live a life that is aligned to my values. I know a life that is purposeful and contributes to the embitterment of those around me, that trumps everything for me.

The Wellness Business - Ang Roan Image by @ang_roan

Ang Roan
Paper Plains

We've gained a greater sense of fulfillment and contentment through running our own business because we've been able to make a positive impact on people's lives in a way that WE want. Starting a business has connected us with some of the most amazing and inspiring people who have shown us a level of support, love and belief that we didn't even know existed. Ultimately, it's given us purpose, contentment and just happiness in every way possible!

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The Wellness Business - TwoSix Wellness Image by @twosixwellness

Emma & Bree
Twosix Wellness

We spend most of our days talking about health and wellbeing with our clients and teaching them the importance of self-care. [It's] those conversations [that] then become our own reminder of just how important our personal wellbeing is, especially now that we are both mothers. Having our own business has allowed us to be flexible with the hours we work and has taught us to really only fill our time with tasks that feel right and align with our values and vision for the business, which is the greatest thing for our mental health and wellbeing.

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