What Does Wellness Mean?

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Wellness may seem like the buzz word of the moment, dropped in here and there to promote something that doesn't necessarily fit the health or fitness boxes exclusively. So what is wellness you say? Well it's so much more than just being well (or healthy) as we know it, it's about a holistic approach to life in general and resonates with the philosophy of leading the best possible life.

We asked the entrants in our Ultimate Wellness Giveaway what wellness means to them and we saw some incredible responses and we noticed five common themes kept occurring.

Wellness is:

  1. Eating nutritional foods that make you feel good
  2. Making exercise enjoyable and a part of your lifestyle
  3. Being mindful of what your body needs
  4. Making the choice to be happy every day
  5. Taking the time to appreciate the incredible life you have

Here are some of our favourite answers from our entrants. Take a moment to think about what Wellness means to you and how you can reflect on this attitude each and every day.

"Wellness is all about balance. Balancing food, exercise, sleep, stress, relationships and forgiveness. Doing everything out of love and gratitude."

"If my insides aren't smiling, neither is my outside. Without wellness we can't be the best version of ourselves and we can't spread the love this world needs."

"Wellness is living holistically. Balancing diet, exercise, work and play are all super important parts. Oh and laughing a lot."

"Wellness is loving yourself mentally, physically and spiritually. It means taking the time to take care of yourself, moving, nourishing and nurturing your body."

"Wellness encompasses a healthy body, a positive mind and tranquil spirit. It is embracing and accepting every inch of your being."

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