Our Workout Playlist for August

Workout Music Playlist Image by @beatsbydre

Everyone knows that a good tune is key to nailing that workout session you’ve been dreading. Check out our August playlist to get you moving and grooving for another month!

1.Am I Wrong – Anderson Paak

This track hits you with a smooth, funky bass line which you can’t help but move to. Ideal for a warm-up routine or for a bit of a walk/dance mashup on the treadmill.

2.Unbreak My Heart – Toni Braxton

We’re throwing it back to the 90s - the prime of RnB ballads. This one is down tempo but with vocals that you’ll want to belt out. Some casual stretching or warm up exercises might suit perfectly, but nothing too intense because you will need your entire lung capacity to sing this one.

3.Look Around – Native Spirit

This track by Aussie new-comers Native spirit had great synth and dreamy vocals. It starts off slow but builds up quick. Good for some mid-level cardio or weight training.

4.Hotshot – Brame

Lovers of dance outfit Disclosure will find this one easy to boogie to. It’s mostly instrumental but mixes in some cool, soulful samples and is great for a cool down but still upbeat enough not to put you to sleep.

5.Subways – The Avalanches

The band who went MIA for ten years are back with the killer album we all expected. A little weird and a little euphoric, Subways has a truly old-school disco vibe to it which we can’t get enough of. Chuck this one on on the cross trainer.

6.Bad Blood – Nao

This one mixes pop, electro, bass with a little bit of RnB and hits us with some powerful female vocals. Spin it during a slow weights session or even some yoga.

7.The Boys of Summer – DJ Sammy

No one could forget this early 00s dance tune. Upbeat and powerful, it’s perfect for a sprint to truly sweat it out. An ideal feel-good tune to get those extra endorphins flowing.

8.Keeping Score – LDRU feat. Paige IV

This is dance tune of the year in our opinion with a build-up and drop that are nothing less than perfection. It’s a great one to sing to, dance to and break a sweat to. Put it on and start off your workout with a bang, or push hard for that extra motivation in the last 5 minutes.

9.Let It Happen – Tame Impala

This one was everyone’s favourite from 2015 and we’re still very much into it. 7 minutes long, the distinctive psychedelic vibes certainly take you on a journey. Great for endurance exercise.

10.Just A Lover – Hayden James

Hayden James can do no wrong. Just A Lover has an intense bass line but is chilled out at the same time. If you’re not grooving to it in your bedroom, take it outside for a jog.

Let us know what tracks get you moving and motivated! Check out our Workout Playlist for July.

Download this playlist on Spotify: Chief Active - August

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