Our Workout Playlist for July

Workout Music Playlist Image by @bose

Everyone needs a little music to keep them going, whether it be on the way to work, at the gym or during some down time. A good set of tunes is often the best part of exercising and can motivate even the most sluggish on these cold, winter mornings. For those looking to freshen up their playlist and get that extra burst of energy on your next workout, we’ve got you covered with ten tunes we are loving right now.

1. Life Itself – Glass Animals

Drum beats that make you want to move and a chorus you won’t be able to stop singing. The newest single from these UK indie favourites is ideal for a light jog or bike ride. Listen while the sun is shining for best results.

2. Good to Love – FKA Twigs

UK singer-songwriter FKA twigs is in her usual mesmerising form, delivering piercing, heavenly vocals over deep, slow grooves. For those who enjoy some music during their yoga practice, this track will pair perfectly with Warrior I.

3. Shackles – Mary Mary

Throwing it all the way back to the year 2000, we know you remember this one. Its upbeat grooves are perfect for some treadmill work – just try to keep it down when you’re belting out those powerful, gospel style vocals.

4. Innerbloom – RÜFÜS

Finishing off their massive second album, this 9-and-a-half-minute track from Australian electronic masterminds RÜFÜS is an absolute EPIC. Emotional and empowering with a vibe that just builds and builds, Innerbloom will be your new companion during any endurance training.

5. I Go Hard, I Go Home – The Presets

This track is a high-energy, fast-paced, vintage gem from one of Australia’s most listened to electronic outfits. Kick it into overdrive during your sprint routine and get ready to get rave-level sweaty.

6. Lose Control – Missy Elliott feat. Ciara & Fatman Scoop

We’re throwing it back again so that you can throw it down to this absolute jam. Our favourite rapper and icon of our time, Missy Elliott, keeps up the pace with this track, perfect for some light weight training, sprints or a solo dance party.

7. Got It Good – KAYTRANADA feat. Craig David

Another one of our favourite throwbacks has lent his sweet vocals to producer KAYTRANADA for this smooth track. Get lost in the groove during a cool-down or casual workout.

8. Drop Your Love – Young Franco feat. DiRTY RADiO

Fun, funky and full of energy, this track is a playlist must. We wouldn’t judge if you were caught out busting a move to this tune at the traffic lights on a morning run.

9. Sticks and Horses – George Maple

This track by Australian singer George Maple has a real air of bad-assery to it. The powerful, electronic beats with a hint of RnB would make ideal background music for a one-on-one session with the punching bag.

10. Sadness Disease – Urban Cone

This is the last track that ends our list and should be the track you end your workout to. The chorus is a killer and is bound to make you feel great in unison with all those endorphins we have flowing at the end of a workout. An up-tempo, feel good sing-along.

Every exercise routine, at every pace, needs a soundtrack. Let us know what beats really get you moving!

Download this playlist on Spotify: Chief Active - July

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