Bodhi and Ride Puts A New Spin on Spin

Bodhi & Ride

Melbourne certainly has no shortage of boutique gyms and yoga studios. The common traits we've come to expect are a beautiful fit-out that is more reminiscent of a luxury apartment than a gym, attractive staff and a trendy location, but it's the ones that are doing something different that makes them really stand out.

This is definitely the case with the brand new Bodhi & Ride who promote the philosophy of a 360 degree approach to wellness. "As a Yoga teacher myself, I wanted to bring all my four loves together; game-changing wellness that’s modern and contemporary, an intense RIDE classes, heated Yoga and guided meditation in an incredible and inspiring setting, unique to Melbourne," says owner Michaela.

Bodhi & Ride

Upon entering the space, you immediately know it's going to be a cool experience. Designed by the award-winning architects at Hachem (who Michaela found through the Cool Hunter), the entry could be easily mistaken for a bar as it oozes style with polished concrete floors and a curved feature wall with cardboard tubing around it.

"It took a while to find commercial real estate that ticked all the boxes," says Michaela. "It needed to have character, authenticity, high ceilings and a retail entrance with intrigue, so customers could peek in. When I came across the Port Melbourne building on Bay Street, which was previously an art gallery, I immediately knew it was the place."

The curved wall that makes up the stunning entrance encapsulates the Spin Chamber, and this is where the fun really happens! To be honest, I am not a fan of spin. Riding for 45 minutes on a bike that doesn't go anywhere in a dark room with an instructor I can barely understand over loud generic music, is not my thing. But, Bodhi & Ride have definitely changed my perception!

Bodhi & Ride

The Spin Chamber itself looks like a club which is far removed from the fluro lit gyms you might be used to. "I decided to build my ‘dream come true’ Spin Chamber where the lights are low and the room nearly dark, except for the LED lights we play with during the class, partnered with the music pounding, covering the perpetual drone of whirring wheels," says Michaela.

The moment I received cycling shoes so I can clip my feet into the pedals (which I'm told gives more power) I knew shit was going to get serious. Alaina took the class (owner of the smoothie bar Lains & Co), an energetic pocket rocket that really knew how to work the room and get the class pumping. We were whooping and singing along to the music which isn't the easiest thing to get a room full of strangers to do, but it felt right. The vibe was on point and so much fun!

"The playlist is awesome as you won’t hear any radio edits or badly mixed songs in our classes," says Michaela. "We also added weights to our RIDE Method to make sure the whole body gets a great workout, not just the legs."

"The feedback so far has been wonderful - everybody loves it and even those who have never done a spin class in their lives came out with a smile," says Michaela. "That’s mostly because we’ve turned a mediocre experience into a spirit-filled, high-octane cardio party. Don’t get me wrong - this is a hard, tough class, but we make it fun by adding great music, a great vibe, and use only the top trained instructors."

Bodhi & Ride

The Bodhi half of Bodhi & Rise pays homage to the Buddhist understanding of the enlightenment or awakening, which directly refers to the studio's Yoga Loft and Unplug Pod. With four different types of yoga available (including a soon to be released Bodhi Flow) the infrared heated Yoga Loft is a buzz of warm bodies stretching and moving mindfully to chilled beats. The Unplug Pod on the other hand has been created as a space to unwind and participate in guided meditation classes.

To come full circle in the 360 degree experience, Bodhi & Ride have also brought Lains & Co on site to sell a small range of artisan smoothies and healthy treats which can be pre-ordered before class. Imagine, running out the door from a sweaty yoga or spin class with a delicious Greena Colada in your hand! Yum!

Opening Special - 3 Classes for $20

Bodhi & Ride
416-418 Bay Street, Port Melbourne