Use Your Roller As A Strength Workout

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I love my foam roller and although it’s great for myofascial release, I want to show you some of my favourite strength exercises to really challenge your workout!

Adding foam roller variations to traditional exercises adds a stability component, similar to a Bosu ball, to really fire up your core muscles and improve proprioception and balance.

Power Planks
There are literally hundreds of variations to your humble plank.

Place the foam roller horizontally anywhere from just above your knees, or for more of a challenge place it closer to your ankles. To supercharge your plank, dorsiflex your ankles and place your toes on the roller.

You can hold this position for up to 2 minutes or you can add one of my additional variations below.

  • Squeeze the glute of one side and lift that leg straight up to the ceiling, pulse for 10, then repeat on the other side.
  • Lift one leg off the foam roller and tuck the knee towards the triceps
  • Tuck the knees toward your chest rolling the foam roller closer toward you, then return to the plank position
  • Push ups, this one is pretty self explanatory
  • SUPER CHALLENGE: Single knee tucks. Same as a double leg knee tuck but one leg stays back, up in the air while you tuck the opposite knee into the chest

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Brilliant Bridges
Foam roller bridges can be performed with the foam roller horizontally across the back, under the feet, or vertically along the line of the body. All three of these variations target different areas of the body. Placing the foam roller under the feet bias the glutes and hamstrings, where as placing it vertically or across the back helps to improve thoracic mobility.

Either way, your usual bridge variations apply; single leg, arms up in the air, adding a medicine ball.

SUPER CHALLENGE: Single leg bridge with foam roller under the foot, the opposite leg in 90°/90° position, try rolling your foot in towards you and back out straight.

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Super Squats
This is my absolute favourite variation of a squat. Try a double leg squat standing with both feet on the foam roller. This is quite a challenging position, so make sure that you start of with something to hold on to.

SUPER CHALLENGE: Single leg squat, try maintaining good alignment whilst attempting a single leg squat standing on the foam roller.

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I’d love to see all your foam roller attempts so tag @chiefactive. Happy rolling!