The Hottest 10 Fitness Classes in New York

NYC Fitness Classes

On my latest visit to New York, it was obvious the fitness scene was buzzing with trendy new classes that give Melbourne a run for its money! When heading to the city, I quickly Google searched "fitness classes New York" which instantly brought up a variety of sweat worthy options from strength and HIIT classes to yoga and pilates, there are even classes for rowing and surfing!

Known as "the city that never sleeps", an analogy that perfectly reflects their fitness scene with locals looking to achieve the sweatiest, most high intensity workout as quickly and efficiently as they can at all hours of the day. They also thrive on beautifully fitted out spaces with no expenses spared, which is totally obvious when a single class can cost up to $40!

But, if you're wanting to make a fitness class or two part of your New York experience, here are our must visit spots for an awesome workout that's probably a bit different to what you've done at home! Try something new and have enjoy being a New York local (even just for an hour).

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NYC Fitness Classes - Soulcycle


Pioneers in making spin fun, with classes likened to a dance party than a workout, SoulCycle was born in 2005 in New York and since then they've opened over 70 studios across the USA. Their rockstar instructors guide you through a super motivating and meditative fitness experience set in a dark candlelit room with high-energy music and a nightclub-like energy. This is a complete body workout that combines fat-burning cardio with hand-weights and a core work.

Who's It For
You really want to kick your own butt into gear after eating one to many burgers from Shake Shack. Join the cardio party and be prepared to sweat, a lot!
First Time Ride: $20
18 locations in New York!!!

NYC Fitness Classes - Y7


This vigorous vinyassa flow sequence is set to hip-hop music that will really get your heart rate up and body sweating. The 32 degree room is a nice change to a frosty winter in New York or just an awesome chance to sweat out all the toxins from the extra indulgences (come on, you're on holiday!) The classes are held in candlelight with no mirrors and the music is so loud you can feel it in your bones.

Who's It For
You're a yogi that wants to mix it up a little and sometimes find it hard to focus in quiet classes. They also have some pretty cool merch on sale like shirts with slogans "Brooklyn We Flow Hard" and "Tribe Called Sweat" which are a super cute memento of your trip to New York.
Two Weeks Unlimited: $45 (or single class for $25)
240 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn
25 West 23rd Street, New York
430 Broome Street, New York
58 East 11th Street, New York
1459 3rd Avenue, New York

NYC Fitness Classes - Shadowbox


We've noticed boxing reinventing itself into accessible fitness classes, a strategy that has certainly grown its popularity across New York (and Australia alike). Gone are the days of the dingy, stinky, run down boxing gyms (although these are great too!), boxing has become boutique and where the "it" crowd train. In the Shadowbox class you'll be allocated a bag for practicing your jabs, crosses, hooks and uppercuts which you'll combine with body weight strength bursts like squats and planks all supported by super loud hip-hop music to keep the energy up.

Who's It For
You love a quick and efficient workout (only 45 minutes) that targets the entire body and gets your heart rate up super high. Are you ready to be a total badass?
New Client Special: $20 (+ glove hire)
28 West 20th Street, New York
55 Prospect Street, Brooklyn

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NYC Fitness Classes - Tone House

Tone House

Known as "the hardest class in NYC" by Well and Good, this plyometric-packed workout is made up of a heart pumping warmup of drills and relays followed by weighted and resistance exercises. There's even cold tubs for after because it's just that hard! A real Yelp review sums up the experience perfectly: “A fellow participant looked over at me and said, ‘Wasn’t that awful? I can’t wait to come back.'”

Who's It For
You love to push your body to the absolute limit in a team setting where hi-fives are not only encouraged, they're mandatory. Make sure you go in with enough energy in the tank though as this workout is truly going to put you through your paces.
Rookie Pass (2 for 1): $40
32 E 31st Street, New York
1231 3rd Avenue, New York

NYC Fitness Classes - Brooklyn Body Burn

Brooklyn Body Burn

Megaformer is in its infancy in Australia, but once the "Lagree" style of reformer pilates hits all of our cities it's sure to be the next barre class. Focusing on moving the carriage slowly throughout the 50 minute sequence, you'll do heaps of lunges, pikes, squats, rows and many more body toning exercises. But don't think, just because you're moving slowly you won't build up a sweat!

Who's It For
You love being able to work every teeny tiny muscle in your body until you feel your legs and arms wibble wobbling like jelly. You want to work on your balance and increase your heart rate without doing anything too high impact. You are going to want to quit the entire way through it, but you've got the drive to keep pushing right until the end!
First Burn: $18
32 North 6th St, Brooklyn
296 Court Street, Brooklyn

NYC Fitness Classes - Bari Studio

Bari Studio
How long's it been since you bounced on a trampoline? Well, here's your chance to channel your inner child and get bouncing, all in the name of fitness. This hybrid work out delivers muscle sculpting, low impact cardio and high-energy dance sequences in one complete body workout.

Who's It For
You're a big kid at heart that simply loves to jump on trampolines. This class is a lot of fun and not too high intensity however it will still get your blood pumping!
New Client (2 for 1): $35
23 Leonard Street, New York

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NYC Fitness Classes - The Fhitting Room

The Fhitting Room

This high intensity workout is backed by science, combining both resistance and cardio to bring you an epic, jelly-legs experience. Small groups means load of attention and customisation throughout the class to ensure its an effective workout for any fitness level.

Who's It For
You need a bit of motivation to workout, which is why two instructors relentlessly pushing you to keep going and maintain your technique is just what you need. No cheating on squats here!
Intro Offer (2 for 1): $38
201 East 67th Street, New York
31 West 19th Street, New York
584 Columbus Ave, New York

NYC Fitness Classes - Barrys Bootcamp

Barry's Bootcamp

Founded in 1998 in Los Angeles, Barry's Bootcamp is one of the most recognised boutique fitness brands in the USA with 5 locations NYC alone! The classes combine heavy-weight training and treadmill intervals to really exhaust your muscles and increase after-burn activation. Each day of the week offers a different workout (much like f45) so you could easily attend everyday before you set out for a day exploring the city!

Who's It For
You love bootcamp at home, but want to take it to the next level. Their innovative technique works to "shock" the body in the most efficient and effective way to improve your cardio fitness, promote weight loss and build muscle.
First Timer Class: $25
135 West 20th Street, New York
419 Lafayette Street, New York
107 East 27th Street, New York
1 York Street, New York
1216 2nd Avenue, New York

NYC Fitness Classes - Mile High Run Club

Mile High Run Club
Take your running to the next level with this group treadmill running class led by top running coaches in NYC. But don't be fooled, it's not just about setting the timer on a treadmill and running until the class is over. Instead each class features intervals and endurance training on the treadmill plus their Dash 28 class adds in running-focused strength power training with kettle bells.

Who's It For
You love running but maybe you're visiting in winter or don't feel safe running the streets by yourself.
1st class: FREE
24 West 25th Street, New York
28 East 4th Street, New York

NYC Fitness Classes - 305 Fitness

305 Fitness
Party hard without the alcohol at these awesome dance raves check out the video here. Founded in Miami, these classes are basically high intensity interval training in a super fun workout, accompanied by a live DJ and nightclub lighting.

Who's It For
Your favourite thing about clubbing is dancing with your friends to awesome music. Here's your chance to have the nightclub vibe, without the hangover.
New Client Special (2 for 1): $32
33 East 33rd Street, New York
18 West 8th Street, New York

Check out our MAP to see where all these studios are located.

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