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What if we could live in a world where fun and fitness could co-exist? Amazing right!? Well, that's the mission of PitFit founder Josh Piterman.

His functional training gym and classes in St Kilda focus on making a workout more than something you "have to do" but something you actually enjoy and have fun doing. To promote this notion of fun and movement, Josh has launched a health and wellness initiative in partnership with In2Great Fitness called #mirrormymove.

We speak to Josh about what PitFit is all about and how #mirrormymove came about!

Why did you start PitFit?
Generally I find gyms to be an intimidating, testosterone ridden, sweaty, smelly place. I wanted to create an “anti-gym”. A home for those who have an aversion to standard gyms, but want to train, have fun and get great results.

What makes PitFit different?
It’s colour, community and life. It’s our ability to create an atmosphere of laughter and silliness backed up with our passion and rich education in the science behind functional fitness.

What's your favourite thing about being your own boss?
The fact that I'm able to help more and more people everyday!

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What is your favourite tool to exercise with and why?
The ViPR… It’s so versatile and dynamic once you understand the theories that make it unique.

What's your number one fitness tip?
Train in all planes of motion with and without load forward, back, up, down, side to side and rotation. This will challenge you and change you. It’ll create the body of dreams and keep it healthy and safe for life.

What's your food obsession?
Green Smoothies.

Who inspires you to be the best version of yourself?
I do. I’m a firm believer that power and inspiration come from within. Yes, we are motivated by watching other peoples successes or we listen to a rousing speech and it energises us to achieve, but at the end of the day, true inspiration is found in your own little ember. It’s all about being fearless enough to turn that ember into a gigantic burning flame.

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How did #mirrormymove come about?
It was a crazy conversation with my great friends Nathan and Priscilla who own In2Great Fitness in Brighton. We wanted to find an effective way to spread awareness around the positive message of fun fitness for physical and emotional health. After taking part in the ice-bucket challenge with thought, “Hey this could be a great framework to get people moving and laughing”. It’s amazing to watch it take off.

How does #mirrormymove work?
All you have to do is jump onto Instagram or Facebook, take a short film of yourself doing a fun move (which doesn't have to be fitness related) then tag your friends to copy your move and add another move. They then tag their friends to do the same. The flow on effect means that you only ever have to do the move of the person that tagged you plus the move you challenge the next person to do. You can start challenging one person or multiple people whenever you like. Just be sure to use the hashtag #mirrormymove

What do you hope to achieve with #mirrormymove?
The aim is simply to get people moving and laughing to increase their happy hormones and lower their stress hormones. We want people to be reminded of the fact that movement and exercise don't have to be a boring chores and that fun and fitness can co-exist. It’s about getting people away from the desk or the couch for just a minute and having a laugh whilst they move. We hope that this inspires more people to get moving more often in whatever way is fun for them!

We're big believers in making a healthy lifestyle the normal, not the extreme which is why we are 100% behind this initiative and want it to go viral too! Check out the hashtag #mirrormymove here and get nominating!

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