5 Tips To Stay Fit On Holidays

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Many Aussies like to go on holidays at this time of year to escape the winter blues especially to more tropical destinations such as Bali and Thailand. It’s easy to completely relax and forget all things exercise but I’m sure there are many of you out there like me that would actually enjoy that buffet breakfast and extra poolside cocktail more when you are feeling good about yourself especially with that hit of endorphins after finishing a morning workout.

Furthermore, those that understand the true meaning of fitness also understand it is much easier to lose than it is to gain and for that reason it is often well worth a few sessions here and there during your holiday to do a little bit of maintenance so you are not going home back to square one. There is evidence that after 2 weeks your endurance capacity can drop 50% and VO2 max (aerobic capacity) can drop by 7%.

5 Tips To Stay Fit On Holidays

  1. Get up Early: Start the day well by fitting in a morning session that could be as quick as a 30 minute run or 30 minute HIIT session before it gets too hot or you over-eat at the breakfast buffet and don’t feel like exercising anymore.

  2. Be Realistic: Aiming to get up early every day on a holiday is not very realistic when you might be leaving early for a day tour or just need a good old sleep in. Aim for every 2nd to 3rd day as that’s all you need for maintenance anyway.

  3. Make Do With What You've Got: Don’t let a crappy small gym change your motivation levels. Most gyms in hotels are usually small especially in Asia but there are many different things you can do with a few pieces of equipment. Just add some non-equipment based exercises in between your sets such as burpees, star jumps, lunge jumps, squat holds, ab work, push ups etc. Otherwise it wouldn’t hurt to pack a few light items such as resistance bands or a skipping rope to keep things entertaining.

    An Example Workout

    • Stationary Bike for 5 minutes with 20 sec sprint then 10 sec easy ride
    • Walking lunges with 9kg dumbells in each hand x 20
    • Lunge Jumps x 20
    • Squats holding 9kg dumbbell x 20
    • Hill Sprints x 5 (find a hill somewhere near your hotel or stairs are great)
    • Push ups x 10
    • Repeat 3 times
  4. Explore the Town on a Run: Going for a 30 minute run is more than enough to maintain and build fitness but it is also a great way of seeing a destination in a different light. Often you see sights you wouldn't normally see like locals doing their daily thing or a sunrise along the beach. Best of all you don’t need any equipment, just your runners. There are plenty of options for different workouts too with a morning walk, long distance run, beach sprints or dune hill sprints. Find out more on the benefits of beach running.

  5. Incidental Exercise: On the days you can’t be bothered doing formal exercise try choosing more active activities to do on that day that will involve incidental exercise such as a cycling tours, trekking, yoga, mountain climbing or waterfall walks. Avoid transport and walk everywhere is a great option too.

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