Melbourne Breakfast Diary's Top 10 Healthy Cafes

With an abundance of incredible healthy cafes in Melbourne it can seem quite overwhelming picking just one! We speak to Sasha, the voice behind Melbourne Breakfast Diary a visually inspiring blog dedicated to sharing the best of the best in Melbourne's foodie scene.

Sasha's love for delicious and nutritious food came from her time living in America (she moved there at 15). She's turned that passion into a popular blog and Instagram account which she created to share how creative, tasty and healthy breakfast can be.

We asked Sasha to give us a list of her favourite breakfast spots and her go to dish at each place. If you're obsessed with avo, you're onto a winner because Sasha is too! It seems her taste buds tend to sway to the more savoury options however there are a couple of sweet treats thrown in for good measure.

We've created an interactive map to showcase exactly where these spots are located, so make sure you save this to your favourites! View map here

Fourth Chapter Image by @melbournebreakfastdiary

Fourth Chapter
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MBD PICK: The Bowl – brown rice, golden hummus, pickled cabbage, roasted pumpkin, avocado, cherry tomatoes, kale & spicy peanut sauce ADD poached egg.

When you just want something simple, fresh and clean you can’t go past this dish. It the perfect balance. Great produce, cool laid back fit out and friendly staff.

Matcha Mylkbar Image by @melbournebreakfastdiary

Matcha Mylkbar
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MBD Pick: Vegan Eggs with Sides - avocado guacamole, almond feta, mushroom bacon, garden tomatoes and spinach

Creating the first "Vegan egg" is a big selling point here - it’s something everyone has to try. The combination of sweet potato, turmeric & coconut milk gives the same textures as a normal egg with a sweet twist. You, must try all the different ranges of sides. Each one is unique and full of flavor! My favorite is the mushroom bacon.

Serotonin Eatery Image by @melbournebreakfastdiary

Serotonin Eatery
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MBD Pick: Nutrition Bomb – rainbow bowl with poached egg (vegan option available), broccoli, alkalizing greens, sprouts, house-made hummus, cold roasted veggies, nuts, seeds and pickled sauerkraut

I love this colorful dish as it has a variety of flavors, superfoods, nutrients, veggies, protein & nuts to make it the perfect healthy and yummy salad.

Combi Image by @melbournebreakfastdiary


MBD Pick: Organic porridge – a warm bowl of steel cut oats, soaked overnight. Mixed with house made almond milk & coconut cream, cinnamon, sliced banana and organic maple syrup.

The perfect winter warm up! I am a lover of winter porridge & anything with coconut. If I could I would eat it every day. Full of rich and creamy flavors to keep you full all day long!

SOS Image by @melbournebreakfastdiary

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MBD Pick: Acai Bowl - antioxidant loaded, coconut protein, berry sorbet, house made granola, toasted coconut flakes and fresh fruit

My brekky spot on a working day! SOS is creative with fresh ideas, focused on health. This dish is packed with flavorsome textures. Love it.

Real-Food-Organic Image by @melbournebreakfastdiary

Real Food Organic

MBD Pick – Smashed Avocado on gluten free sprouted sourdough, topped with coriander, chili and fresh lemon juice

This dish is jammed packed full of fresh avocado (rare these days!) Simple and clean. The squeeze of lemon gives it a kick of zesty flavor. Love this dish as I’m rushing out of my Pilates class and trying to get to work on time! Great on the go café.

The Beatt Image by @melbournebreakfastdiary

The Beatt

MBD Pick: Ben and Breakfast Salad – kale, quinoa, Meredith goat’s feta, mint, chili, broccoli, avocado, mixed organic nuts and poached eggs

This dish has everything you can possibly want in one bowl! The runny yolk coating the salad is to die for! This place also does everything on the menu take away so you know you can always get a healthy dish on the go.

Barry Image by @melbournebreakfastdiary


MDB Pick: Crushed avocado, buffalo ricotta, preserved lemon, purple spring onion, seed mix, grilled dark rye

When you order this dish you straight up think of your classic avocado on toast. The thing I love about this dish is it has a DYI twist to it. Busting with flavors you can add or take off what you like. I like to cram everything onto the piece of toast!

Red Door Corner Store Image by @melbournebreakfastdiary

Red Door Corner Store

MBD Pick: Gin and Citrus Cured Ocean Trout - grilled cucumber, smashed peas, beetroot and pickled onion salad with poached eggs

This place is located half way down a suburban Northcote street. Cute home style atmosphere with a modern take of healthy food. Creative dishes, full of fresh and flavorsome textures.

Lucy Lockett Image by @melbournebreakfastdiary

Lucy Lockett

MBD Pick: Breakfast Salad – falafel, sautéed greens, cashew butter, beetroot and pickled carrots ADD poached eggs and avocado

This dish is one of my favorite brekky salads! The hearty roasted flavors of the falafel mixed with the creaminess of the cashew butter is heavenly! I like to add avocado and a poached egg to combined all the flavors together.


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