Matcha Mylkbar Now Open

Matcha Mylkbar Image by @matcha_mylkbar

We’re super excited about this one! Our friends from Matcha Maiden have teamed up with the talented Filippelli brothers (think Il Fornaio and Brighton Schoolhouse) and a number of investors, including some of the secret Hollywood type (oooo!!!) to open the doors of their new cafe Matcha Mylkbar last night.

An Australian first, Matcha Mylkbar is a specialty Matcha café that brings you some of the most exciting healthy, plant based dishes we’ve ever seen! Who knew that you could make a beetroot into a latte and that it would look so damn pretty!?

The team, featuring Head Chef Lachlan Timms, have left no stone unturned when it comes to Instagram worthy food. Even those who reckon food should be eaten not photographed will find it hard not to take a quick snap of their egg that’s not an egg or their faux chicken burger in a bright green Matchalicious bun.

But how do you honestly land on a concept that targets such a specific niche? Well, Sarah Holloway and Nic Davidson, owners of Matcha Maiden, had the dream of opening a specialty Matcha café for a while before partnering with the Filippelli brothers who worked with them to bring that dream to life. “We have been very close with the Filippelli brothers for a number of years,” said Nic. “Sarah and I spent a few weeks bouncing ideas around in LA recently with Mark and checking out different cafes while he was researching trends and opportunities for another project he was working on.”

Beetroot Latte Image by @matcha_mylkbar

With a #cleaneats focus, Matcha Mylkbar’s quirky menu full of vegan brunch options not only look and taste incredible, you’ll leave their St Kilda café feeling great! “It’s not about being vegan,” said Nic. “The cafe aims to unlock the benefits of a plant-based Matcha-heavy diet without compromising on taste, substance or presentation so that vegans, vegetarians, the dietary intolerant, the dietary ignorant and the dietary indifferent alike can find something to enjoy.”

“We want to create good food, that everyone can eat and that everyone wants to eat, but it just happens to be ethically sourced and plant-based,” said Nic. “We drew a lot of inspiration from the Blue Zones of the world which are the areas where people live the longest. Okinawa in Japan, being one of the five “blue zones” and the city with the highest number of people living to 100, not only owes its longevity to plant based eating but also to high consumption levels of a vibrant green superfood called Matcha.” Coincidence? We think not.

Vegan Eggs Image by @lawstore

So you’ve probably heard the hype around the Vegan Eggs, but for the skeptics in the room, do they really look and taste like an egg? Put simply, yes! This humble breakfast staple has been reimagined into a plant based creation, complete with a turmeric and sweet potato yoke and a coconut whites with the same protein and nutritional value. But we can’t go past the selection of fruity and light breakfast bowls. “I’m a huge fan of breakfast bowls but they haven’t taken off here like in LA,” said Nic. “It’s such a great, light way to start the morning but still high in protein. My favourite bowl is made up of acai, pineapple, banana and blueberry with coconut milk and chocolate granola. It’s incredible and every serve has 30g of protein powder too!”

Top points Matcha Mylkbar for creative food, packed with delicious goodness. You’ve totally nailed the brief on this one! Whether you’re vegan or not, shouldn’t be the question here. The real question should be which inventive creation are you going to try first!

Must Try List

  1. Mushroom Latte: Tastes like a vanilla chai but is chock-a-block full of goodies like adaptogens to help regulate hormones and keep your stress in check.
  2. Vegan Egg: For obvious reasons, this take on a breakfast staple is to be seen (and tasted!) to be believed.
  3. Soy Chicken Burger: Seriously tastes like a chicken nugget complete with mushroom bacon that's been cured in the same way regular bacon is, encased in a green Matcha bun. We dare you not to take a snap of this baby!

Soy Chicken Burger Image by @biancaromeo

Matcha Mylkbar
72 Acland Street, St Kilda