SOS Cafe Totally Gets It


Living in South Yarra, there's certainly never a shortage of great cafes to grab a long black or chow down on a yummy brunch creation. But it was upon discovering this little gem that I realised what the other guys were missing.

SOS Cafe (or Save Our Souls Cafe as their Instagram states), is a refreshing addition to Toorak Road complete with a suitably hipster logo. It has a fairly simple menu that celebrates real food with enough variety to suit everyone (boys we're looking at you!).

And it's certainly not aimed at the South Yarra yuppie who schmoozes over a soy latte and acai bowl (although they do have both of these on offer.) It oozes cool and sophistication however isn't pretentious in the slightest. The staff are friendly, the food arrives quickly and you can sit outside without sitting in the gutter amongst the traffic.


It has a collection of heartier choices like the Primal Plate that is sure to convert you to loving some veggies with your bacon and eggs, as does their Wild Mushroom Baked Eggs which pretty much comes with a half a loaf of organic Zeally Bay Bread. They don't really give you a choice but to leave feeling full to the brim!

They also have a coffee cart out the front serving Sensory Lab coffee with biodynamic milk (and yes they have almond milk, homemade in fact!) They also have a great range of satisfying smoothies full of goodness including a PB&J flavour (drool!)

But the kicker is their pancakes. Yeah sure, pancakes are always pretty good, but these ones are not only ridiculously good they're refined sugar free, gluten free and dairy free. Boom!

Great location and great food, all you need to bring is the great company. Plus they've now started serving organic wines and craft beers with tapas for the after 5 crowd. Enjoy!