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Who doesn't want to be the happiest version of themselves? Happiness comes in many shapes, colours, sizes and forms but ever thought that a nutritious meal could be the trigger?

The guys at Serotonin Eatery aim to make every single person smile, through their quirky and nutritious menu. Emily had a vision of opening a Happiness Centre that would not only feed people's bodies but their minds too. Opening in April last year, the cafe has gone from strength to strength and is looking forward to introducing an educational element to further people's understanding of what it means to be happy.

Put simply, this place is beautiful. The fit out is simple with an emphasis on natural light, lots of white, blonde timber and yellow highlights so you can't help but feel an uplift in your mood upon entering. Plus the hexagonal tiles and pots are a stylistic reference to the chemical structure of serotonin which is really cute and super clever. Not to mention, there are swings. Yes, swings for adults so you can blissfully rock away while you tuck into your Peanuty Snickers Bar. This is happiness!


To break it down, serotonin is a chemical that our body produces in our brain and intestine which has been found to effect our mood. From the smiling Tumeric Latte to the packed full of goodness Nutrition Bomb, the Serotonin Eatery ethos is to promote eating a plant-based diet to ensure the body, mind and earth all function at their best.

Plant-based is just a nice way of saying vegetarian which for some of you, may be a bit of a turn off. But who ever said eating veggies was boring, has never been fed by these guys. You won't even miss your bacon or chorizo with your eggs guys, we promise! You may even feel better for it and leave feeling more satisfied than ever.

Deconstructed Sushi Image by @alityedin

The Serotonin crew have a knack for delivering so many big ticket items but we can't go past the Deconstructed Sushi. Yes, sushi in a bowl. Who would have thought!? With a mix of pickled ginger, sliced diakon, raw carrot, capsicum, cucumber and avocado on a bed of warm brown rice and quinoa, the little crunch of wasabi peas really makes this dish special. Not to mention the organic soy sauce comes in a syringe which is all kinds of cool.

But for those that are a bit of a sweet tooth, these guys have got you well and truly covered! Their Positive Pancakes are so frickin' yummy you'll be surprised to know they are gluten and refined sugar free! Made with banana flour, these pancakes are served with banana nice-cream, berries, yogurt balls, roasted almonds and organic agave. You will feel totally naughty trying this one!

Plus they have an extensive list of raw treats! From a Salted Caramel Slice and Bountiful Bounty Bar right through to an Organic Raspberry Lamington and a selection of Raw Balls. Why not pick up a selection and a Peanut Butter Latte or Espresso Coconut and head over to the park across the road for a special mid-afternoon treat!

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Positive Pancakes Image by @joydutheworld

Serotonin Eatery
52 Madden Grove, Burnley (Richmond)