Do Healthy Hen's Parties Exist?

Healthy Hens

Hen's Parties are supposed to be a fun event to celebrate the marriage of a beautiful girlfriend, but more often they end up pretty messy. A drunken festival of wildly sexual innuendos, ridiculously high heels and shots (so many shots!) Sure this is fun, the first couple of times, but once you hit an ongoing cycle of hen's after hen's this type of party can get a little old.

But, why do Hen's parties always have to be this way? Haylie Doyle, founder of Healthy Hens asked herself that same question. "My experiences with Hens parties has not always been positive," said Haylie. "Healthy Hens is all about inspiring people to try something different."

"I left my corporate mining job 12 months ago and I knew at that time it was important for me to realign my career with my passions," said Haylie. "It’s always been a dream of mine to run my own business. I feel like this business brings together many of my experiences and interests including my background in events and marketing, Yoga and Pilates teaching, my love of raw cooking and DIY skincare. I wanted to bring everything together and share what I love with people."

Healthy Hens

We all love getting away for a weekend, a mini vacay away from it all which is why Healthy Hen's makes nature a big part of their experience by incorporating their range of activities with the outdoors. The beach in particular is a dream destination, complete with glamping (glamorous camping) as part of their Zest Hen Package. "The ocean has always been my biggest inspiration and constantly inspires me whether creatively or just to keep me on track in pursuit of my dreams," said Haylie. "It can be both calm and powerful, ever changing and ever evolving.

Offering a range of activities including Yoga, Pilates, DIY Flower Crowns, Raw Dessert Cooking Workshops and surf and Stand Up Paddle-board lessons, you can mix and match to what suits you and your group of girlfriends. The party could go for the day or a full weekend and the experience is sure to wow you! They're not strictly reserved for Hen's Parties either, think a beachside birthday weekend or a team building work retreat.

Healthy Hens

"City-life in particular is such a fast paced way of living that I think it’s so important to slow down, to reconnect and find a way to express yourself," said Haylie. "For me Surfing and Yoga have provided me with this outlet and it’s just an added bonus that they help to keep me healthy and active at the same time. I’ve never felt like it’s a chore to “exercise” because it something that I love doing and it really nourishes my soul. I think it’s really important to find something that you love doing and something that provides you with an escape."

Healthy Hen's are available in in Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Yamba, Nelsons Bay and Newcastle with more locations to be added in the next upcoming months.

Healthy Hen's