Why Holistic Wellness Centres Are Taking Over Melbourne

Holistic Wellness Centres Melbourne

Throughout the 90s and early 2000s we were heavily marketed all these ideas of finding a quick fix. Diet this, low fat that all with the aim of reducing weight as quickly as possible.

Over the last few years an awareness of holistic wellness (meaning more than just diet and exercise) and its benefits has become the norm. Wellness is so much more than just eating healthy foods and exercising daily, its a full body and mind practice that requires dedication with transformative results both physically and mentally.

While the term wellness has become more popular in our society, it's also been used as a way to market every fad, diet and trend under the sun. We're now bombarded by a million new ways to live our lives that make living into wellness so confusing.

Holistic Wellness Centres Melbourne

Since wellness is built on the foundation of holistic wellbeing, we need to incorporate all facets of the industry from the food we eat and how we move our body to how we keep our mind healthy and body free from injury/disease.

This has seen the rise of Holistic Wellness Centres across the country where a single space incorporates movement, food and health practitioners so clients can build a well-rounded and healthy life.

Ben Rozenes owner of The Beatt, a holistic wellness centre in Armadale (Melbourne) says “the inspiration behind the Beatt was the idea of an urban retreat, which clients could access daily rather than once a year. The thinking was a one-stop shop, where you can come and do yoga, eat breakfast or lunch and have a treatment, with a sense of community, around the corner rather than in the country or interstate.”

“Holistic wellness means you can offer clients a fully supportive programme where all of their needs can be met in one place; with practitioners collaborating, as well as a dietary offering which is nourishing and beneficial,” he said. “We can custom-design programmes for example, with our functional nutritionist, our café and other practitioners so that clients can easily access comprehensive support.”

If a Holistic Wellness Centre sounds like the perfect way for you to achieve wellness in your life, here are five of our favourite spaces in Melbourne you've got to visit.

Holistic Wellness Centres Melbourne

The Beatt
24-25 Beatty Ave, Armadale

A wellness hub that provides an inner city retreat featuring a beautiful yoga and meditation space in a treehouse loft, a rustic whole-foods cafe featuring an epic green omelette and a gorgeous boutique full of unique athleisure and lifestyle products. They have a collection of expert wellness practitioners including massage therapists, reflexologists, functional nutritionists and naturopaths. Plus they regularly host health and wellness speakers to discuss the latest trends and provide tips for anyone wanting to improve their wellbeing.

Holistic Wellness Centres Melbourne

Happy Melon
1252 High St, Armadale 2 Willis St, Armadale

Relax and recharge at the beautiful Happy Melon, bringing together mindfulness and movement through yoga, meditation, reformer Pilates and fitness alongside Physiotherapy, Clinical Pilates, massage and naturopathy treatments. They also offer complimentary tea before and after class, cold kombucha in the fridge and other healthy snacks at reception. Regular courses on mindfulness, yoga teacher trainings and workshops are other ways you can bring wellness into your every day.

Holistic Wellness Centres Melbourne

Sum of Us
602 High St, Prahran

Inspired by the idea of providing the community with an oasis of wellness, Sum of Us brings together movement, food and health professionals. Featuring a gorgeous cafe with a menu designed by their in-house dietitian, the space also boasts an offering of Podiatry, massage, Myotherapy, Physiotherapy, Yoga, Pilates and Meditation. To round out your experience further, they hold regular workshops focusing on loads of different health topics.

Holistic Wellness Centres Melbourne

Universal Practice
8 Albert St, Richmond Level 1/124 Johnston St, Fitzroy

By recognising that restoring one ailment will have a flow on affect to the other, Universal Practice celebrates the power to change and the ability to heal, moving forward in a completely connected way. They offer Physiotherapy, Myotherapy, Yoga, Pilates and Clinical Pilates to provide a grounding experience for anyone looking to improve their overall health.

Holistic Wellness Centres Melbourne

The A Life
699 Nicholson St, Carlton North

The A Life promotes looking beyond the symptoms and investigating the root cause of mobility and health issues using an integrative method of treatment that is unique to each client. They offer services in osteopathy, naturopathy, yoga and pilates as well as arm balance workshops and mobility classes.

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