14 Reasons We're Obsessing Over Lagree Fitness

Lagree Fitness K-Kore Port Melbourne

Never heard of Lagree Fitness before? You're not alone! The Lagree style of workout is reasonably new to Australia with only a couple of studios popping up across the country. Celebrities (of the masculine and feminine kind) are claiming this is THE workout to do to achieve a toned and conditioned body. Who's in!?

I'm super excited to have had the chance to visit the brand new studio K-Kore in Port Melbourne, a gorgeous space with awesome instructors. But don't let the pretty facade and smiling faces fool you, this is a hardcore, booty burning workout that's going to raise your heart rate and make you sweat with no burpees required!

Kylie Archer, founder of K-Kore, was living in Hong Kong for three years where she became a devoted Lagree Fitness client. It was around this time when she jumped from the corporate 9 to 5 into a career in health and fitness, working as a bootcamp instructor and personal trainer. While living in Hong Kong she realised that with no Lagree studios already existed in Melbourne, which sparked the idea of starting her own studio.

"Lagree Fitness is the future and has overtaken pilates reformer in the US," said Kylie. "Many pilates reformer studios have upgraded to Megaformers as it offers so much more than your average pilates class. While there will always be a place for pilates, nothing gets you the results like Lagree Fitness!"

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The Megaformer looks like a complicated beast but really it's just a bunch of adjustable resistance loads which are engaged via slow, deliberate movements that activate slow-twitch muscle fibres, increasing stamina and oxygen capacity of your muscles and allowing the body to burn energy for longer periods of time.

Unlike reformer pilates where you do an exercise then stop while the instructor is explaining the next exercise, the Lagree method means every exercise is cued while you're completing the one prior. Sounds complex but the small class size means the instructor will easily be able to give extra guidance to newbies or to those that need an adjustment.

We're converts but here's 14 reasons why you need to try it too!

1. Booty Burn
If you're one of those crazy people who love it when your glutes feel like they're on fire, Lagree Fitness is for you.

2. The Fastest Growing Workouts in the World
"Lagree Fitness is one of the world's fastest growing workouts. A total​ ​body workout, the Lagree method focuses on slow, controlled movements using continuous and constant tension, allowing ​​for the body to shift quickly and smoothly from one exercise to the next," said Kylie.

3. Designed for Everyone
The workout is designed to suit all fitness levels, ages and body type with variations available to go harder or easier depending on your ability.

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4. Pilates on Steroids
Enough said.

5. Full Body Workout
"Lagree Fitness is the only workout that ​effectively combines Strength, Endurance, Cardio, Balance, Core and Flexibility training not only in one session but in each and every move," said Kylie.

6. New Style of Fitness
Love trying anything new in the fitness scene? Be one of the first people to try it to reach total fitspo cred (Instagram stories included). K-Kore opened only a couple of weeks ago and it's the only Lagree Fitness studio in Melbourne, it couldn't get more exclusive!

7. Unique Method
Unlike pilates or reformer, each Lagree Fitness instructor facilitates classes using the following 5 elements to ensure the fibers in your body respond effectively:
RANGE OF MOTION: Full vs partial.
ANGLE: The angle at which the movement is performed.
TEMPO: How slow/fast the movement is performed.
DURATION: How long the movement is performed (for example, 30 seconds, 60 seconds, etc)

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8. You Hurt Where You Didn't Know You Could Hurt
Next day burn is one thing, but Lagree gets all those tiny muscles in your stomach, arms and legs working so you are definitely going to feel it the next day. Now we're talking good sore, not can't walk down the stairs sore!

9. Low Impact
For those with dicky knees or ankles from too many box jumps, this is a high intensity workout that won't put pressure on your joints.

10. Prepare To Sweat
If you're like me, I find I hardly break a sweat in most (yes there are some exceptions!) reformer pilates classes. My trial at K-Kore had beads of sweat dripping from my forehead right from the start.

11. Where Abs Are Made
Who ever said abs are made in the kitchen had never used a Megaformer.

12. Motivating Instructors
These guys and girls know their stuff and are not going to let you wimp out during your skater, donkey or mermaid. They'll pull you up on your technique and make sure you slow right down to get the full benefits of the exercises.

13. 45 Minute Classes
For the super time poor, K-Kore have created a schedule of classes that are just 45 minutes long to ensure you're in and out within the hour. Max intensity in a shorter time, what's not to love!

14. It's No Girly Workout
This workout was founded by a dude, Sebastian Lagree, with the intension of developing a ripped physique through full-body conditioning. It's awesome for girls and guys who want washboard abs and a toned body!

313 Bay Street, Port Melbourne
$50 for 3 classes (14 day expiry)

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