Natural Winter Skin Care

Natural Winter Skin Care Image by @harperandharley

The cold winter months can often lead to dry, dull and blemished skin. Add in heaters and climate control in offices and you end up with tired, congested skin that desperately needs help. What we’re often guilty of, myself included, is using the same skin care regime all year round. In fact, we need to mix up our natural skin care routine to ensure it's looking it's best, even during these cold months.

If you find that your skin is not feeling and looking as good as it should - it’s time to evaluate your regime to ensure the products you’re using are the best fit for your needs. It’s also important to remember that your skin is affected by weather and seasonal changes, and so adjusting your skin care regime to suit can deliver big benefits.

Trying to combat skin issues often leaves you reaching for moisturisers, oils and basically every other product you can find in an effort to try and bring some life back to your skin.

So what products should you use– moisturising creams, oils, serums - or all three? Choosing which will work best on your skin depends on a number of factors including your skin type, your areas of concern, even how you apply your products can make a difference!

Moisturising creams are more occlusive, which means they stay on top of your skin and are not as readily absorbed. This is also a benefit as they create a barrier between your skin and the outside world, as well as preventing water from evaporating and causing dehydration. Creams are great for people with normal or combination skin. The best application method for creams, is gently patting the product into your skin as it also stimulates circulation.

Oils are great for dry winter skin as they absorb easily and help the skin repair itself. Oils are less occlusive than creams and are actually really helpful for people who tend to have oily skin as it discourages the overproduction of sebum, which is the cause of oiliness. The trick when applying oils and serums is that for every drop of product you use – you should spend about 30 seconds gently massaging it into your skin. If you’re intending on using a cream in conjunction with facial oil, you should apply your facial oil first and wait for 5 minutes before applying your cream.

Serums consist of one or more active ingredients emulsified in a liquid, which is often slightly thicker than oils. Serums often contain ingredients at the strongest concentration you will find in skincare. Their potency makes them great for people who have specific problem areas they want to tackle. If you want to use additional products with a serum you can use an oil or a cream on top. I wouldn’t recommend using both – again wait for the serum to absorb before applying your next layer.

Here are some great Australian made and owned natural and organic skin care products we love:

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