Silent Yoga Disco

Silent Yoga Disco Image by @flowathletic

Yoga is fast becoming so much more than a practice that allows you to connect with yourself, it's becoming a social activity that actually allows you to connect with others in the community. This is why it is becoming more and more popular for yoga studios to spice it up and offer a unique spin on the traditional 5,000 year old practice.

Ben Lucas, founder of Flow Athletic in Sydney, came across the concept of a Silent Yoga Disco when researching new workouts to do in the US. He thought it was a really cool idea but didn't know how people would take it and whether it would actually work. After finding Silent Sounds, an Aussie company who hire out glowing headphones, he decided to test the concept with a group of his studio's current clients. It's fair to say, it was a massive hit and that's how the Flow After Dark Silent Yoga Disco was born.

Silent Yoga Disco Image by @flowathletic

From this small test case, he partnered with Stylerunner and IsoWhey Wholefoods to bring this incredible event to 350 yogis in Sydney with tickets selling out in just 3 days. Now it's Melbourne's turn on 14th June! The event will include 90 minutes of Vinyasa Yoga, suitable for all levels and led by Flow Athletic co-founder, Kate Kendall, set to the fluid beats of Sydney DJ, James Mack.

"When you’re wearing the headphones, you will literally hear my voice whispering directly into your ear to lead you along which almost makes it feel like a private session" said Kate Kendall. "You won’t have to look around and strain to hear the instructions as the class is literally delivered straight through your wireless headphone to you."

Although there are likely there will be lots of experienced yogis at the event, this style of Yoga is also great for people who are new to the practice or maybe feel a bit intimidated. "Expect to feel like you are all alone in a sea full of people," said Kate. "Everyone is moving the same as you and everyone has the same intention but you can’t hear them and therefore you are less likely to pay any attention to them. The headphones eliminate much of the distraction around you, allowing you to pay attention to your own practice."

They Melbourne event has already sold out, however they have a wait list available on their ticket page here. They're expecting 400 yogis to descend upon Melbourne City Town Hall for an incredible night of yoga like no other.

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