5 Easy Wearable Tech That’ll Change How You Move

So I’ve landed here in San Francisco, and I can’t believe what I see. It’s 8.30am, and I am in a city full of 25-30 year olds walking to work wearing jeans, runners, a hoodie, and staring down at their iPhone screen. Meet the techies of SF (yes, I’m yet to see a 50 year old wearing a suit and I’ve been here a month now!) These people are the ones who are literally creating all of the apps we use every single day, all the software we integrate into our lives, and all the fitness wearables we are addicted to. I’m literally the hub of technology innovation. Heaven!

Now being a health enthusiast, in San Francisco, I am fascinated by the integration of engineering with health and fitness. There are a number of companies who are trying to dominate the world of fitness wearables, and let me tell you about the devices that can make your life a whole lot better. You can thank me later.

Wearable Technology - MisFit Image by

MisFit - $139.95 (AUD)
The MisFit aims to integrate innovation with fashion, wellness and intelligence. They created a classic fitness wearable - Misfit Shine 2 - which tracks your steps, distance, calories and sleep. It sends vibration alerts for calls, text, reminders and alarms so you can stay on top of your hectic schedule, even while one the run (literally!)

Wearable Technology - Bella Beat Image by @bellabeat

BellaBeat - $182.46 (AUD)
A beautifully designed health tracker for your body and mind. The Leaf is designed to track your sleep, activity and reproductive health. It helps you cope with stress, and has built-in breathing exercises.

Wearable Technology - Lumo Body Tech Image by @lumobodytech

Lumo Lift - $79.99 (USD)
Are you constantly told to sit up straight, but don’t really know how? Lump Lift has created the posture coach that also tracks your activity throughout the day via its unique biomechanic motion sensors. You basically wear a small badge on the front of your t-shirt, and when you slouch, it vibrates.

Wearable Technology - Moov Image by @getmoov

Moov - $59.95 (AUD) This multi-sport wearable (yes you can wear it swimming!) acts as a coach to guide you through your workout to maximize output and minimize injury. It talks to you while you train to give you real time analytics and tips on how to perform better throughout your training session.

Wearable Technology - fitbit Image by @fitbit

Fitbit Charge 2 - $249.95
Unlike most other wearable technology, the Charger 2 measures heart rate which is awesome for anyone looking to up their intensity to get the most out of their work out. However it also supports other standard features like tracking steps/distance, call/text alerts and sleep tracking. Fitbit are continually developing their products, and aim to be the leading fitness wearable on the market. Keep an eye out for what’s the next thing they bring out because it’s sure to be pretty awesome!

Why do we need these?

We’re becoming more and more aware of our health, as our feeds and inboxes are flooded with nutrition and exercise advice. The problem is we don’t know what to do with all of this information. These fitness wearables allow you to connect with your body, and analyse what your body is trying to tell you which gives you greater control in achieving your health goals.

Stay conscious, live well, and take care of yourself. Ultimately, whether you’re a fitness wearables wearer or not, remember to listen to your body.

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