Yoga Wear by Onzie

Onzie Yoga Wear Pose Image by @belinda.n.s

A Californian based yoga wear brand called Onzie (Own-zee) has recently caught our eye with their unique prints and flattering cuts across a range of yoga pants, crops and tops. Their homage in yoga is deeply rooted in their vision of blending the best of traditional yoga wear with modern innovation and a touch of whimsy.

They have a large community of brand ambassadors across the globe, with local girl and Mum of two, Belinda Norton-Smith, a women's and children's fitness educator, being one of them. Check out her fitspo worthy Instagram here.

We speak ask Belinda what it's like to be a fitness influencer and how to combat negative body image.

Have you always been physically fit and healthy?
I have always been healthy and fit, however, in recent years I had lost my way after having children unable to find time to train and unsure of my body's abilities anymore. However, I have found the way to maintain my best body easily with quality living and balanced lifestyle with food and fitness.

How do you feel about being labeled as #fitspo?
Oh goodness, this is funny to me, as I am just a working mum, trying my best for my kids. Within the process and search for knowledge, I found the way to live optimally and I just want to share it with everyone and shout it loud to help every woman feel beautiful and live their life to the fullest.

Onzie Yoga Wear Pattern Image by @belinda.n.s

Have you ever felt negative thoughts towards your own body?
I used to have a very negative view of my body and this was due to many key factors of what it should look like in your head. I used to have an elite athlete racing body it then changed to a post children body to an aging body. However, in the process of becoming a better me, I found that this negative self-talk hindered me and it effects many of us women.

What's your advice for accepting your own body?
We need to not look for the negative and only see the beauty in ourselves. Actually look in the mirror and see only your beautiful parts each and every time.

As a Mum and Primary School Teacher, what message about body image do you pass onto your kids and students?
For kids it’s about finding your own confidence and lifting others up. To find self-confidence you must first see it in others. I seek to show each and every child I speak with, guide and teach the best health and fitness options for life. It’s not about competition in exercise or sport it’s about knowing and understanding how to live well by making good food choices and ensuring you exercise everyday to create health and happiness in life.

Onzie Yoga Wear Mum Image by @belinda.n.s

What is your philosophy for leading a healthy and active life?
Quality food and quality fitness equals a quality life. We do not need to have excessive ways of eating or exercising to achieve our best body. It is actually the opposite. The most important thing for our health and whole body wellbeing is eating quality food everyday, time for valuable exercise and balanced wellness.

What are your top three workout essentials and why?

  1. My fave fitness gear especially for yoga and lifestyle essentials is Onzie active wear. These stunning pieces of active fashion fit seamlessly into my life and are beautiful to wear anywhere as well as workout in.
  2. I can’t live without my running shoes and lifestyle shoes.
  3. I drink water all day and in a variety of ways – still water, sparkling water and to make more interesting add some lemon/lime.

Who inspires, challenges or motivates you to be the best version of yourself?
I am motivated, inspired and challenged by my own children and by the children I teach everyday. These youngsters are our future and they need our help now so they can help us, as we grow older. I am inspired by their freshness in thoughts and their real value in the bodies they live in.


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